The seed incorporates Castor Oil, used since a minimum of 4000 BC for lamp fuel and god bothering. Before you rush out to purchase a bottle for personal use, do see beneath relating to its toxicity. Ricinus communis belongs to the plant family Euphorbiaceae, most of which have odd flowers. Generally should you can’t work out what household a plant is in, and its flowers are a bit wacky, it’s a euphorb. Caster Oil Plant, native to the Eastern Hemisphere, probably Africa, is now a rampant weed in much of the world.

Please notice that these seeds are extremely poisonous if eaten. Known HazardsThe complete plant could be very poisonous, even one seed has been recognized to be deadly to kids. The seedcoat accommodates an especially deadly poison that was once utilized by the KGB to dispose of their enemies. The poisonous precept is water-soluble so is not found within the oil. Abdominal discomfort, cramping, nausea, lack of fluid and electrolytes. Do not use throughout being pregnant as may induce premature labour and miscarriage .

Carl Linnaeus used the name Ricinus because it’s a Latin word for tick; the seed is so named because it has markings and a bump at the finish that resemble sure ticks. Its seed is the castor bean, which, regardless of its name, just isn’t a bean . Castor is indigenous to the southeastern Mediterranean Basin, Eastern Africa, and India, but is widespread throughout tropical regions .

Castor Bean

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  • If sown early, beneath glass, and kept at a temperature of round 20 °C (sixty eight °F) until planted out, the castor oil plant can reach a top of two–three metres (6.6–9.eight ft) in a 12 months.
  • This is regarded as the derivation of the scientific name Ricinus.
  • Castor Oil Plants space reasonably common weed in waterways throughout SEQ.
  • The main ingredient, ricinolein, is a triglyceride (or triple-chain fatty acid), which can trigger cramping within the bowel.

The name palma Christi is usually mistaken as a reference to the palm tree, but really means the hand of Christ. Castor seeds have been present in Egyptian tombs courting back to 4000 BC; the gradual-burning oil was largely used to gasoline lamps. Herodotus and other Greek travellers famous the use of castor seed oil for lighting, body ointments, and enhancing hair growth and texture. Cleopatra is reputed to have used it to brighten the whites of her eyes. The Ebers Papyrus is an ancient Egyptian medical treatise believed so far from 1552 BC. Translated in 1872, it describes castor oil as a laxative.


Select from a range of popular bedding crops, together with geranium, begonias, lobelia and coleus. Ricinus communis ‘Impala’ – the foliage is often putting, however in this variety, the flowers are equally eye-catching. They seem as clusters of creamy flowers and are followed by sensible pink spiky fruits.

castor oil plant

Also, castor oil eye drops are POSSIBLY SAFE when utilized to the attention for as much as 30 days. Castor oil is produced by urgent ripe seeds which have had their outer overlaying eliminated. This absolutely beautiful plant will in time grow right into a tree in hotter countries.

Selections have been made by breeders for use as ornamental plants and for business production of castor oil. It can be used extensively as a decorative plant in parks and other public areas, notably as a “dot plant” in conventional bedding schemes. If sown early, underneath glass, and kept at a temperature of round 20 °C (68 °F) till planted out, the castor oil plant can reach a height of 2–three metres (6.6–9.eight ft) in a yr.

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