Ross O’donovan Archives

Ross O’donovan Archives

When migrating to YouTube, Ross was unable to acquire use of the name “RubberNinja” because of the name having already been claimed by another consumer. Although in time he managed to claim the usage of RubberNinja, he continued to use RubberRoss as a substitute, feeling there was no point in changing the name by then. Ross O’ Donovan , also recognized by web names RubberRoss,RubberNinja or CondomRoss, is an Aussie animator and friend of the Game Grumps. He is the primary host ofSteam Train, originally co-hosted alongside Danny. Originally talked about many occasions on Game Grumps by Jon and Arin, he made his first bodily appearance on the show briefly in “Rocky Road”.

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He also appeared in Arin’s It’s Dad’s Birthday Again Flash Film, where he advised giving Arin’s Dad a picture of him framed, saying it might be higher than making a crappy flash animation for him. After graduating from Corpus Christi, O’Donovan studied and instructed animation at the Film and Television Institute of Western Australia in Fremantle, Western Australia. O’Donovan’s finest recognized work is the series Gamer Tonight, which is voiced and co-written by animator Arin Hanson, and was produced for the ABC2 online game-based program Good Game. The sequence features a fictitious discuss present called Gamer Tonight with Richard Farkas, whose host would interview numerous kinds of avid gamers. He also created the present Gameoverse, which featured Hanson in every talking function. He had touch upon a tweet by Ding Dong that he had a hard time having fun enjoying video games because of all the time he spent taking part in them for work.

Ross O’donovan Who Has Made The Transfer Again To Ireland

The most enjoyable side of being back in Ireland is the chance to expertise a real quality of life amongst family and pals whereas additionally being involved in some very interesting engagements. The current uplift in domestic economic exercise, regardless of the uncertainty of Brexit, has been very encouraging and leads to a very demanding but rewarding working setting. That stated, people are very much encouraged to get pleasure from some down time exterior of labor to take care of that actual work life balance. Burger King has since released a promotional video, through promoting firm Ogilvy, that exhibits the identical thing taking place to other streamers whose faces have been blurred and voices altered. I didn’t really care for him that much when Steam Train began, however he positively grew on me to become my favorite Grump. One of my all-time favourite bits from the channel was the “Lovely day for cricket” factor at the finish of the cricket sport episode the place he put a mustache on himself with marker.

Ross has also carried out varied different video game related animations, such as organizing the Newgrounds collaboration ‘There’s Something About Halo’, which had Arin doing the voices of Master Chief, Marine 1, and Marine 2. He created ‘Awesome Evolved’, a parody of Arin’s ‘Awesome’ sequence, and once farted right into a microphone for fifteen minutes straight. In Metal Gear Awesome 2, the Easter egg (accessible by clicking the highest left corner above the ‘ME’ of ‘METAL’ in the selection display) was a brief the place Ross propelled Arin to the skies together with his gigantic penis.


Ross mentioned himself that The Secret of Nimh cells are so rare that each one on eBay is round $600, however he would favor to lease them to museums. I’m glad that hypothetically if there was any need of funds in the future it’s there for them. Don’t know when you’ve seen it, but apparently he recorded some VR MMO he was taking part in for the final couple of days, and is planning on placing up some Steam Train episodes of it – Jared tweeted this morning that he would possibly be a part of him for a number of as well. It’s too dangerous he doesn’t do any Let’s Plays anymore however I completely perceive why he stopped. His coronary heart is in animation and I respect him immensely for committing to it regardless of it not being as profitable. MCU followers, here are some streaming picks to look at while you wait for the following episode of “The Falcon and the Winter Solider.”

He described it as being killed in “a Mufasa-ass stampede.” On the Islands episode of Grumpcade, Ross stated he takes Concerta, an ADD treatment, and as soon as accidentally double dosed on it. Ross is “ripped” as self-proclaimed many instances all through the time he has joined Grumps. He’s also collaborated with Studio Yotta to create a full animated music video for the Starbomb track “Minecraft is for Everyone.”

The child he was teaching had Epilepsy, and while Ross was exhibiting him the way to animate a ball going forwards and backwards, the kid fell over and smashed his head against a concrete wall. Danny and Barry stated of their My Boyfriend 2 gameplay that Ross has no gag reflex. Ross purportedly acquired a complete of six Mews in his copy of Pokémon Blue due, presumably, to an oversight at the Poké Tour he attended in Australia. This was revealed on the Game Grumps Flight Delayed PODCAST!!

As of 2017 nevertheless, Ross has taken a much less lively position in Game Grumps-related activities, in order to give attention to his artwork and animation career. He does however appear frequently on the facet of the 10 Minute Power Hour set watching the present and has visitor st-rred on the present twice. As is the case with any skilled services agency, the success of the corporate may be very much depending on the quality of its folks. The tradition inside Deloitte permits for a easy transition into a new working setting and a capability make an influence that matters immediately. The Deloitte Corporate Finance practice really does function on an all-island basis with robust collaboration and interaction amongst the varied offices and teams.

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